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Why adults need their Teddy Bears for comfort, just like children!

Bu yazıyı okudum söylenecek tonlarca şey var da bu saatte bağlanma stillerinden ya da kültürel farklılıklardan bahsedemeyeceğim. Şu karikatürü anımsadım. Gülüp geçmek istiyorum:))))))

I'm a grown woman, by age, not by stature. Quite short if I must admit to it! And I still like warm, cuddly blankets, and throws that make me feel safe and secure. Well, a new study has revealed that one in three adults still sleeps with a Teddy Bear at night! Why? It brings a calmness to them.
Travelodge, a hotel chain, found in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Canada, and Australia, surveyed 6,000 British adults and learned that many respondents like to end their day with a “comforting and calming” teddy bear.
Concerning Travelodge, 25 percent of men say they take their teddy bear with them on business trips, but apparently many of the travelers have trouble remembering their comfort animals, as the hotel reported having to reunite more than 75,000 bears with their owners last year, and many of the reunions were with adults.
The earlier survey also revealed that 8 percent of women said they sprayed their pillow or nightclothes with their partner’s aftershave when they were away from home alone, while only 3 percent of men used their partner’s perfume for the same reason. Nearly 60 percent of people admitted they felt lonely sleeping without their partner, and 16 percent had difficulty getting to sleep.Enter the Teddy Bear...
Travelodge found that traditional teddy bears are the most popular bedtime cuddle among adults, followed by Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear. In the Telegraph UK, Corrine Sweet, a psychologist, noted that cuddling a teddy bear “evokes a sense of peace, security, and comfort. It’s human nature to crave these feelings from childhood to adult life.”
Do I own a Teddy Bear? Yes, but I don't sleep with Theodore. He's 4 feet tall. Almost as large as me! Plus, my dog is jealous of him! My nightime cuddle is my cocker spaniel, Gracie. I guess in shrink terms I have substituted the Teddy Bear for my dog! That's fine with me. I love to hear her quiet contentment as she snores herself to sleep. It's soothing to me.
So the next time your on a business trip and you need to feel the comforts of home, grab that Teddy Bear and hold on for dear life! It can help combat feelings of anxiety and depression as well.
Who am I to judge? It's cheaper then a shrink and safer then medication. So get a good nights sleep and I'll see you in the morning....;-)
For those who are really into their Teddy Bears, including kids of all ages, Build -A-Bear in the Palm Beach Gardens Mall, is a great way to spend the day having fun constructing your own custom made Teddy Bear. Here is their link: http://www.buildabear.com/

(http://www.examiner.com/depression-in-west-palm-beach/why-adults-need-their-teddy-bears-for-comfort-just-like-children sitesinden alınmıştır)

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